Bluetrail Spirit

The Tenerife Bluetrail wants to join heart and soul to build one single motto: BLUETRAIL SPIRIT

The heart of the Tenerife Bluetrail is beating thanks to its runners, who give the very best of them in each edition, and who remain loyal to the appointment.But the real soul of the race belongs to the families, friends and supporters of the runners, the so-called #bluetrailers, who cheer them up both in training sessions and in the race itself. They suffer and laugh with them, together with the volunteers who look after them and the sponsors which make this dream come true. With one aim only: that they enjoy to the full this race, as special as different. 

They are all part of the Bluetrail Spirit, they add heart and soul. Because they live this sport and feel the commitment to people. They work to promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle, a spirit of improvement, perseverance and innovation, and to become more supportive and sustainable. 

If you have a Bluetrail Spirit, add the stamp to a photo of yours and share it with us on Facebook.